A downloadable game for Windows

walk through your house. 
catch sounds.
make melodies.
control the sound.

so many floops: finding and creating joy in lockdown.

Design, Audio, & Code: Jess Gates

Thank you Ben (code) & Cailean (design and audio) for helping.
Thank you Becke, Alayna, & Jess for always listening to my floop sounds.

And, thank you, to all the floops.

so many floops was made for #AGJam 2020. It was made during the second wave of COVID-19, on the land currently known as Melbourne, Australia.

in a time where so many things are out of my control, making this game allowed me to  find joy in gaining control over small parts of my world again.


so many floops 19 MB


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I'm glad you're finding joy making these.... really we are passing through some horrible stuff now...

It was lovely! Thank you for making it!

Thank you for playing! :)

Gosh, I know right? It's one awful thing after another.

this game is fantastic! so floopy, so many sounds!

Naw, thank you lovely human!