Wander round the abandoned alleyway as a stray cat, observing the happenings of the local non-binary folk who live nearby.

Note: there is one scene with a small confrontation in a bathroom.

#EnbyGameJam April 2019


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This was cute! I had fun exploring the different little vignettes. I teared up at the room with the grandparent. ^_^;;

That was my favourite scene to create. I'm glad you connected with it so deeply. Thanks for playing :)

I loved this game! All the small things people say, the booktitles, the small stories you tell which are really true to life. :) The graphics are very nice too. There is one room which is completely empty, was that supposed to be like this? :)

well, no, but life took over and I never finished the game. But I guess, maybe I'll make it into some dramatic metaphor or something? 😅

Thanks for playing :) 

I love the cat sprite! It's super simple, but still super cute and expressive with its little wiggles.

I totally agree! :)

Thank you, and thanks for playing! :)